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How to Have a Beach Wedding Without the Beach Theme

You must be thinking…WHAT?! Jump back!!!! I don’t HAVE to play up the ocean theme just because we are tying the knot at the beach???

Seems nearly impossible right?!  Well, the answer is an astounding…NO!  Today,  we are here to shed some light on just how you can have the BIG CITY or RUSTIC CHIC wedding of your dreams…at the beach!

By incorporating unique seating options (cushions and pillows) or even a more finished looking chivari chair draped with fabric, you can add a big punch of elegance to your beach wedding without being over the top. Linens are also a good way to add a more luxurious feel to your beach wedding.

Are you interested in having a Rustic Chic Barn wedding just like all those Pinterest DIYers, but you are wanting to get married at the beach?  Just add some string lighting, a chandelier or two and some fabulous vintage farmhouse tables and chairs and voila…a rustic barn feel with the beauty of the water at your back and the sand between your toes!  Don’t forget some rustic lanterns and a pop of color in the flowers to go the extra distance.  Think shabby chic cottage or nautical chic classy and not just beachy.  Don’t just limit yourself to sand and seashells when it comes to a theme and decor.  Utilize the beach as your venue or backdrop and not your main theme element.  This will help you keep your options open.

If you can dream it, it can be done… so don’t let the sand, and the shells hold you back!

{all photos from Pinterest}

~Kelly & Leslie

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