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Welcome to the first ever Trendy Tuesday! We here at Just Save the Date have seen TONS of trends come and go and thought that we could share some of the best {and worst} with our readers.

This week… using social media to your advantage!

In the OLDEN days brides and grooms would be limited to the photographers pictures, which are priceless memories of your BIG DAY, sometimes feel like you’ve missed some of the “behind the scenes” details. The precious pre, during and post candids that are often some of the most exciting photos.

Then came along the disposable camera trend, which seemed like a great compromise. Guests could take pics all night and leave the cameras on the tables for you and your groom to develop post honeymoon. This felt like an extension of the celebration but had a down side. All the photos might not be great but you still had to pay to develop them all and you had to remember to take them in the first place. SO many cameras have ended up not being developed until after the first anniversary.

So what do we do now?! With literally EVERYONE we know (parents and grannies included) using all forms of social media we can count on them to snap those precious memories for us. Instead of asking for doubles from their personal cameras, you can just have them tag you with a personalized wedding hashtag. Here are some options out there for your upcoming nuptials:

1.) Printed Materials

Be sure if planning to gather photos from everyone you provide them early on with your hashags and user names. This is as simple as adding a line at the bottom of your invites and save the dates or a separate card similar to an RSVP card.  You can also include this information in the welcome bags that you distribute to guests upon arrival.

2.) Photo Apps

Almost all apps that you and your guests are using every day have the hashtag option! You can go at anytime and search your personal hashtag to view everything from hair and makeup photos taken by the MOH to first kiss pics taken by grandma.

Some ideas to gather these pics?

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Specialized “wedding” apps such as Wedding Party and Wedding Snap.


With these ideas brides and grooms are bound to have countless photos to wade through, and can relive their BIG DAY moment by moment.

~Kelly & Leslie

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