10 Ways to NOT be a Stressed-Out Bride

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We hear from brides ALL the time that during that the final month of planning, they have a laundry list of items they “have no time to get done.” Allow us to put your mind at ease, and perhaps be the only ones who will actually give you permission to NOT do some of these items.

 Photo Credit:  Once Like a Spark Photography

Photo Credit: Once Like a Spark Photography

1. DIY Projects

  • While it would be SO adorable to have hand embroidered napkins at each place setting, or homemade jam as guest favors, DO NOT stress out over getting these things done. Put these types of projects at the bottom of your “must do” list and if you have time GREAT, if you don’t… none the wiser. You don’t need to pull an all-nighter for a whole week to get it done!

2. Running Late

  • Bottom Line: The wedding CANNOT start with out you! Your guests are there for you and to share in your joy… they will wait the extra ten minutes it takes to get your hair just right or your pesky eyelash in place.

3. Not Enough Food

  • After you give your final numbers to your catering team, REST ASSURED that no one will go home hungry. Remember, this is an elegant event, not an all-you-can-eat 24 hour buffet. Guests know this as well and should know better than to come having not eaten all day.
 Photo Credit:  Munoz Photography

Photo Credit: Munoz Photography

4. Guest Behavior

  • Your aunt is crazy, his brother is a showboater… IGNORE IT! While you do want to have these close family members there to celebrate with you, by no means, do you need to pay attention to their nonsense. All you need to worry about is taking in the details of your day and having a great time with your new spouse!

5. Dancing

  • Concerned no one will dance…have a “do not play list” longer than the Gettysburg Address? As the song says “LET IT GO!!!!!” Hire a professional DJ or Band who has a performance style you enjoy (definitely do your research) and let them do their thing. You will worry yourself silly trying to pay attention to every song wracking your brain as to whether it was “allowed” or not. If you start to cut a rug, so will your guests.

6. Even Wedding Party

  • You have 3 sisters, he has no brothers and only one life long best friend. IT’S OK! You can always come up with a way to let everyone walk in/out that doesn’t look awkward. There is no “right way”…do what works for you!
 Photo Credit: Ozzy Garcia

Photo Credit: Ozzy Garcia

7. Weather

  • We can’t say this enough… YOU CAN’T CONTROL THE WEATHER!!! Did you catch that? You can not control the weather. It will serve you no purpose to worry yourself to an ulcer about it. Have a good back up plan and or wedding insurance and trust that your wedding professionals will take care of what needs to be done should plan A quickly turn to plan B.

8. Breakouts

  • You didn’t get to the salon before your wedding day and your eyebrows aren’t perfectly quaffed or you wake up on the morning of the wedding with a pimple… it’s ok.  Hopefully, you have hired a wedding day beauty team who will be able to take care of any of your perceived imperfections on your big day! Also remember that all the extra worry doesn’t do your skin any good! So sit back, relax, have some bubbles and get pampered!

9. Matching

  • OMG the napkins and the bridesmaids dresses aren’t the EXACT shade of pink as your roses!  There is something to be said about everything “going” together but not “matching” each other. And to be 100% honest… you will probably be the only one who notices.

10. Wedding Website

  • You sent a save the date and just haven’t had time to get to making your wedding website. That’s ok! Your invitations should have the information they need and if someone is a little extra needy… that’s what texting and Facebook are for 🙂 You can also delegate this task to your mom or maid of honor…they want to help so let them field these questions.

~Kelly & Leslie

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