The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Day Beauty {Ask a Wedding Planner}

Ask A Wedding Planner

 Photo Credit:   Jensen Larson Photography

Photo Credit:   Jensen Larson Photography

Ladies…let’s face it, we all want to look our absolute best on the biggest days of our lives, but our wedding day stands out as the number one day we women want to look AMAZING from head to toe! We spend months dieting, working out, growing our hair to the perfect length and being religious about our skin regimens. Then, when it comes to THE BIG DAY,  we have the perfect palette to work with.

Today we have a few tips to keep you looking YOUR best:


Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with color or a totally new look. If you are typically a “browns and blushes” type of girl, stick with it! Use the BEST products on the market and make those browns be the very best browns they can be and maybe have your makeup artist go a tad more dramatic than normal. Here is what you should avoid: opting for a teal eyeshadow because it matches your wedding colors, or picking a bright red lipstick if you have never worn that before. Don’t get us wrong, if you are a regular bold color wearer… you do you and play it up! Be true to YOU and your style. The worst outcome would be to walk down the aisle looking like a totally different person than the one you were when you fell in love or the one that “said yes.”  When it comes it makeup, the best advice is to show the BEST version of you, kicked up a notch or two.  Remember, those photos and videos will be around for years to come!

 Photo Credit:  Maggie Stolzberg Photography

Photo Credit:  Maggie Stolzberg Photography

 Photo Credit:  Carly Michelle Photography

Photo Credit: Carly Michelle Photography


Are you the type of girl who wears your hair down every day of your life? Have you ever gotten highlights or extensions? Wedding day is not the day to get a crazy cut or color or try a style you’ve never done before. Pick something that looks like you. If you would never swoop all of your hair into a french twist, don’t. Maybe you usually do a top knot, that’s ok… make it the chicest bun you’ve ever had! Be sure to take into account the use of hair accessories and veils when choosing a style and it should be said that you should also take the weather into account as well…wind doesn’t do anything for loose, beach waves.


Spray tans are not 100% necessary! If you have a classic peaches and cream complexion and you never have a tan, you might not be able to get a flawless look with a spray tan. Think about how you want to look for your day and make sure that you are still going to like the look years from now when you are lovingly gazing back at pictures. 

The big take away here is DON’T overdo any aspect of your wedding beauty, but DO enhance the you that you always are!

~Kelly & Leslie

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