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Ask A Wedding Planner

As it becomes more and more mainstream for everyone to have a “good” camera or a smart phone or tablet, we have noticed a new trend and it’s one that we are not fond of… RUINED photography. As a planner, there is nothing we hate to see more than a photo that could have been magical turn out completely mundane because of a bunch of guests with their cameras in the air in the way of a special moment. 

 Photo Credit:  Jessie Edwards

Photo Credit: Jessie Edwards

 Photo Credit: Once in Every Lifetime Photography

Photo Credit: Once in Every Lifetime Photography

 Photo Credit:  M  itchell Dyer Photography

Photo Credit: M itchell Dyer Photography

Imagine this scenario:  the father of the bride sees his daughter, and with pride, kisses her on the cheek.  Then, with a glisten in both their eyes, they begin their walk down the aisle toward her groom, his new son. The photographer has them in their frame…all lined up for the precise moment that he gives her hand in marriage, literally! It seems like the perfect moment.  That is until Uncle Tom pops out into the aisle, in FRONT of the photographer, with the brand new DSLR that he got for Christmas and steals the moment from the photographer.  The photographer instead shoots a perfect photo of Uncle Tom’s back, and misses the moment.

 Photo Credit:  Corey Ann Photography

Photo Credit: Corey Ann Photography

Don’t get us wrong, we know that guests are going to take photos and by all means, this is a celebration of two people each guest loves dearly and they have every right to document that. However, as a guest, please try to remember that photography and sometimes videography, are often one of the LARGEST expenses for a couple.  This investment was made for a reason and these professionals were very carefully chosen from a sea of other wedding photographers. Given that the bride and groom are unable to take photos to remember the event themselves and that they have been excited about this product for months, they deserve to have the best photos possible. Be as respectful as humanly possible. Be aware of the photography team (and videography if applicable) and where they are… if they have a shot lined up, please get BEHIND them!

For the bride and groom… it is perfectly acceptable for you to ask that guests “unplug” and be present at your event. Some couples do this with a cute sign, or a blurb in their program. Others add it as an enclosure with their invitations, or put it on their wedding website. You could do all or none of this, but if you choose to have your wedding unplugged, be sure to share your FABULOUS photos with your guests so that they can have a memento of your day if they want it.

~Kelly & Leslie

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