Should I have a Wedding Website? {Ask A Wedding Planner}

Ask A Wedding Planner

Today, we are posing yet another important question in regards to the planning process…should you have a Wedding Website?  The short answer is YES,  you definitely should have/need a wedding website! We know that you probably need a bit more than just our concise opinion on the matter, so we pulled together 3 important reasons that you should “take the plunge” and start a website dedicated to all things wedding.

1: Stress Saver

Wedding planning is stressful…so many details, so many questions. You need to let technology help you! Your website can house all the information that you may be getting countless calls, texts and emails about.

Here are examples of questions you may be getting:  “What’s the best airport to fly into?”  “What Hotels are around?” “Where are you registered?” 

The answer to all of those questions (and more) can be as simple as “check out my wedding website.”

Eventually, word will spread and you will not have to answer any of these nagging questions anymore! You can even post a link to the site on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to help people be able to have quick access!  As a bonus, your fiancé, wedding parties, and both your parents could do the same!!  Additionally, placing the link on your Save The Dates will help set the tone and let your guests know from the start that your Wedding Website will be the place to go to find out everything about the wedding.

2: It’s Free!

There are a TON, and we mean a TON, of places that you can create your own free wedding website. The Knot, WeddingWire, and Minted are just a few that we recommend. You can pick a template and customize it to your taste and color scheme, add photos, etc. Most of these sites are super easy to personalize, update and maintain, so as your plans come together, you can continually add information.

3: Manage Your Guest List

Do spread sheets and the tiny boxes on them give you anxiety? You are not alone! The formulas and columns are enough to make anyone’s head spin. Your website can take the burden off of you from creating that from scratch!  Just add in each guest and then allow them to RSVP online or as you receive the RSVP cards back in the mail, you can update the list yourself! Easy-Peazy!





~Kelly & Leslie

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