Top 5 Must Do’s on Your Wedding Morning {Ask a Wedding Planner}

Ask A Wedding Planner

The morning of your wedding can be a very stressful time for every couple. It is the culmination of months of planning and a lifetime of anticipation. We have put together a list of five MUST DO’s for your wedding morning, all of which are bound to help squash the stress and allow you to enjoy your big day!

Eat Breakfast

No matter how much you think “I never eat breakfast” or “I’m too nervous to eat,” you NEED to eat breakfast on the morning of your big day! Some brides choose to eat a big meal with their maid of honor or all the maids but others choose to have a spread available for everyone in the bridal suite for all day grazing and some choose to have some alone time before all of the primping begins. Either way, you have likely never had an event that is this long and also requires you to be “on” the whole time. It is super important to fuel your body so  that you have the energy to go the distance! 

 Photo Credit:  Green Wedding Shoes

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Stay Hydrated

Wedding weekends are a marathon!  You will likely be drinking and celebrating frequently on the days leading  up to your big day. You will also want to celebrate your entire wedding day, which is totally fine; however, you will need to pace yourself and remember to hydrate with actual water! Remember, this is the day you have dreamed about (and planned) for years and you want to be able to not only look your absolute best, but also feel your best.  We often share some helpful advice with our couples when it comes to hydration, especially in the warm Florida weather: drink a little slower than they would on a regular day and have one glass or bottle of water for every one adult beverage you drink.

 Photo Credit:  Romi Burianova

Photo Credit: Romi Burianova

 Photo Credit:  Romi Burianova

Photo Credit:  Romi Burianova

Be Organized

Your wedding morning will be a whirlwind of things that need to get done and the best way to tackle this is to stay organized! Your planner should give you a timeline for the day, so you know when everyone should begin arriving in your suite.  Being familiar with this will allow  you to have plenty of time to get yourself ready. Make sure that you start with a clean room and have someone other than yourself who knows where all your things are for the day. Your photographer will come in mid-day and want to start getting some detail shots of all your trinkets, stationary and beautiful items. If you can, it is best to have you dress hung and all your new and sparkly jewels out and ready for the day. This way, you can sit and have your vendors work while you relax rather than scrambling to find the items they need as they arrive.


 Photo Credit:  Megan Ellis

Photo Credit: Megan Ellis

Wear Loose Clothing

You will most likely be having your hair and makeup done for the day and more often than not,  your dress will not be suitable for “normal” undergarments. With this in mind, you will want to make sure that you wear something with a wide neck, buttons or a zipper or maybe even a robe, so that you can get into your gown with little hassle without messing up your hair and makeup. Speaking of undergarments, you will also want to be sure that you don’t have indented strap marks from wearing your everyday bra, or sock lines from your elastic socks once it comes time for those getting ready detail shots.

 Photo Credit:  Romi Burianova

Photo Credit:  Romi Burianova

Have Fun

MOST importantly, you should HAVE FUN! This is a once in a lifetime experience, so we encourage you to surround yourself with people who you can laugh with, who can calm you when your nerves start to get the best of you, and who you love! Make a play list, dance around, pop some bubbles and enjoy your day!

~Kelly & Leslie

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