The Vendor Struggle {Advice}


When we sat down to write last week’s blog “Brides Tell All”, it became glaringly clear that many former brides, friends and Facebook acquaintances all have had the same issue… it’s what we are going to call the vendor struggle, and yes, the struggle is all too real!  So this post may feel strangely similar to last week, but we just wanted to give it the attention it deserves. Although this may strike a cord with some of our vendors, we think it is an important issue that so many couples face. These issues and complaints vary from vendor responsiveness to buyer’s remorse.

 Photo Credit:  Studio Julie Photography

Photo Credit: Studio Julie Photography

The Issue: “I keep inquiring with these vendors and I can’t get anyone to reply.” or “I have booked someone and they are so slow to reply when I ask questions.”

Our Advice: Be persistent! Some vendors are super busy (not that this is an excuse) and may need more than one chance to reply to you, especially if you are emailing and calling at peak wedding times; others genuinely do not reply in a timely manor. We always like to remind you that most of your vendors and potential vendors are creative types and for that reason, may not be great at time management and communication. However, if this is a problem for you when trying to book, it will likely not get better after you are a client. So, make sure you decide if this is something you can put up with or if you are 100% sold on this vendor before you settle on someone who doesn’t respond in a timely manner.

The Issue: “I hired this vendor and it has been a disaster ever since.” Even worse, on the day of the Wedding- “I wish I had known how terrible they were going to be!”

Our Advice: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Sites like Wedding Wire  and Yelp have reviews from couples like you!  A vendor can not change or remove these reviews unless proven to be a lie or false in some way.  In fact, Wedding Wire has an extensive process with which they verify any discrepancies. All of that is to say that you can genuinely trust what other brides and grooms have to say. Look for as many of these types of reviews as you can find… read the good, the bad AND the ugly and if you see any red flags, and are still interested in the vendor, don’t be afraid to ASK about any issues! Remember, you are interviewing these people to do a job FOR YOU on one of the biggest days of your life. They should want to impress you and should understand that you can take your business elsewhere. 

 Photo Credit:  Jensen Larson Photography

Photo Credit: Jensen Larson Photography

Bottom Line: Trust your gut! These vendors are working for you and if they make you feel uneasy, don’t hire them! Ask around and make sure you do your homework before getting into a contract that you may regret.  Rely on your trusted vendors (planner and venue coordinators are great examples) and ask them who they recommend. Having an excellent, cohesive vendor team helps make their jobs easier and in turn, will make your wedding a dream come true!

~Kelly & Leslie

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