Wedding Hashtags {Ask a Wedding Planner}

Ask A Wedding Planner

Hashtags are everywhere and we make them for EVERYTHING #amiright?! It only makes since that you will want one for your wedding day and maybe something that can be used for the entire engagement season. We have come up with a few tips that will help you get the biggest return on your hashtag use.

 Photo Credit:  Concept Photography

Photo Credit: Concept Photography

Create something unique:

These days there are a ton of sites available online to help you come up with something that will be creative. By entering in some information about yourself and your fiancé and some details about the wedding itself, these generators can take the pain out of this creative process. After picking one out be sure to test the tag and see if anyone else is using it. The last thing you want is your photos all mixed up with some other couple getting married on your same date.

 Photo Credit:  Once Like a Spark

Photo Credit: Once Like a Spark

Use the KISS method:

“Keep It Simple Stupid” is a method that will help you through most situations in life but for this application we want to remind you of some hashtag don’ts. Don’t make it too long #itwillbehardforyourgueststorememberanduse. Don’t use words that are hard to spell #accidentalmisspellings can cause your photos to end up everywhere but together, might as well not have a hashtag at all. Don’t forget to capitalize #WeDidIt is easier to read and duplicate than #wedidit. These few reminders will help the photos all end up in the same place! 

 Photo Credit:  Once Like a Spark

Photo Credit: Once Like a Spark

 Photo Credit:  Maggie Stolzberg Photography

Photo Credit: Maggie Stolzberg Photography

Make a sign:

Be sure that you have a sign of your hashtag so that guests will know what to use. Display it prominently at all of your wedding functions, put it on the koozies that you are bund to have custom made. Print it on your stationary, display it on your website. And of course use it yourself! It’s all about making sure your guests know what you are using, if they don’t know they can’t play along.

Whatever you choose have fun with it! #weddingsarefun

~ The Just Save the Date Girls

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