10 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner-Part Seven {A Series}

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Just a few more tips on why to hire a planner. Today is the seventh installment of our Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner. Check back on previous posts if you missed out on part onetwothreefourfive or six. Be sure to keep checking in weekly for the rest of our reasons 🙂 Without further ado we bring you reason number 7:

 Photo Credit:  Jonathan Connolly Photography

Photo Credit: Jonathan Connolly Photography

7. We are More than a Venue Coordinator.  Once you book your wedding site, you will normally be in touch with the wedding venues on-site wedding coordinator to help with logistics for your wedding day. This is NOT the same as having a wedding planner. The on-site coordinator is usually the catering and sales manager for the venue, whose job it is to ensure that everything with regards to the facilities runs smoothly. They are very helpful, but are not responsible for helping your creative ideas flow and do not even begin to provide the scope of services an independent wedding planner will provide.  Hiring your own wedding planner will help with big picture planning and that person will coordinate with all of your vendors, including the Venue Coordinator, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

~Kelly & Leslie

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